Collector Car Market

The overall collector car market remains “HOT” from an investing standpoint and no-one can argue the positive feelings investors derive from their classic car investments.

​Of all Hagerty’s primary indices, the muscle car segment has the strongest three-year record of any.  Making that claim in 2013 would have surely raised eyebrows and could have won some bets.

Some expect that muscle cars could see a price surge this year thanks to optimism among traditional muscle car buyers stemming from the U.S. presidential election. How quickly this push takes hold (if at all) and how long lasting it will be will make all the difference as to whether or not you are buying too early or too late, so pay particularly close attention if you are poised to purchase.

Our Story

What started as a hobby in classic cars in the nineties, quickly became a booming business.  After a couple of turns in the road and some large scale business success, we are back, more connected than ever and eager to help you realize your dream car ownership.

​On the flip side, we have been buying and selling guitars online since 2002 through Ebay and the Reverb space since 2016. We have bought and sold over 40 high-end guitars these last 15 years spending more time with Martin than Gibson or Fender, though we love them all.  We love guitars.  We love the craftsmanship in the wood and the story that vintage guitars tell when they speak to you.

Jonathan Heath McGrael

In 1975 my dad pulled into a Phillip’s 66 full service station and said “filler up with ETHYL” and Ethyl’s Garage was born.

My first real car was a decked out 1976 Trans Am and with that project I met some very interesting characters and learned a lot about building cars on a budget.

I learned goal setting and discipline as a national champion athlete in college and I applied these to academia earning bachelors and masters degrees from Missouri State University.  From there I achieved success  in business in the pharmaceutical and biotech space these last 20 years.

I have been a significant contributor to several successful start up businesses, the most successful one selling recently for over one billion dollars.

I have remained close to both the collector car market and the vintage guitar space and am thrilled to be applying all that I have learned in business, athletics and through study to help our customers align with their dreams.

Anthony LaPlant

For me, it’s always been about the cars.  Really, Mid-America Classics started as a hobby and then from 1991 and for about 13 years it grew and became a lucrative business by the time we sold it in 2004.

Back then, it really was all about our love for cars.  This was before collector cars were seen as such an investment.  This was before the buyers from Wall Street entered the markets.

Along the way I became sort of an expert on car restoration and in particular at restoring the 1960’s Ampicars. On a trip to auction to sell one of the Amphicars, I was recruited to come and run the restoration operations for the Amphicar attraction at Disney Springs.  That was really only two years ago and the attraction continues to grow and thrive and the Amphicar fleet is in better shape now than ever.

I am eager to put my nearly thirty years of classic car experience and know how to work for customers again to help them build value with their collector investments and to regain some of the pleasure they once had in these cars.  Watching a customer light up when they first sit behind the wheel of their new purchase is all the reward I need.

Collector Car or Vintage Guitar, Ethyl’s Garage can assist you in making the right purchases for investment or to satisfy your long-standing desires to own just the right car or guitar.

Next Steps…

Ethyl’s Garage, we’ll take you back but the next step is up to you.  Act now!