SOLD ! Harmony H22

1963 Harmony H22 bass

Classic Features Single cutaway semi-hollowbody; sunburst finish with celluloid binding and white “bat wing” pickguard; one DeArmond Gold Tone pickup; 30” scale bolt-on neck; 20-fret ebonized maple dot inlay fingerboard; two-per-side Waverly tuners; adjustable rosewood bridge; rosewood tailpiece; coil tap push-pull selector and white cupcake knobs.

Though cheap and cheerful, this bass has all the high-quality attributes typical of Harmony. One-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, flat top and back both with one-piece maple veneer, carved rosewood finger-rest and bridge, and that fabulously punchy pickup. Though located near the neck for best bass frequency response, it nonetheless has plenty of attack that knocks seven shades out of Gibson’s costly EB-2. The 2-position tone switch, operated by what looks like a toilet flush-handle, is basically a low-pass filter that offers a little more top end while effectively reducing the output. Very cheerful!

Whenever I strap this bass on, I just can’t put it down! It sounds fantastic!  With its flat-wound strings it’s a perfect blend of electric and upright. It records quite well, though there are a few flat spots here and there and I’ve had a few tuning problems with it. Not that I care – I’m a bass-playin’ fool in love.

Sale includes original chip-board case.

Ethyl’s Garage will take you back!

Condition: Used
Year: 1963

Our Price: $1,395