Ovation CSE44 Tobacco Burst

Gorgeous Transparent Tobacco Burst Mid Depth SOLID TOP Guitar
Many of us learned to play on a guitar much like this one. I have not had an Ovation acoustic electric since “poverty” forced the sale of my last one in grad school. I had forgotten how easy these are to play and how good they sound both acoustically and plugged in.
Strikingly beautiful, the spruce used for the top of this guitar rivals any in production. Beautiful tobacco burst and sweet unmatched undertones that are unmistakably of the spruce hardwood.

At Ethyl’s Garage, we will take you back!

You are viewing a gorgeous Transparent see through Gloss Acoustic Electric guitar from Ovation Guitars. This guitar is one of the new models from Ovation. The Celebrity Deluxe line has been a less expensive middle of the line guitar for Ovation but UNTIL now it has had a laminated top but this new offering has a solid spruce top for much better sound and great aging qualities. This one is equipped with a great new OP 30 electronics system that lets you have a clean amplified accurate acoustic sound when plugged in. It has a full range electronic guitar tuner onboard also. It has a gorgeous Gloss top. This top with its special bracing, gives it a fabulous big, well balanced, clean sound. The rosewood finger board gives it a great sustain in all registers.
About the Ovation Guitar Company
In 1966, aeronautical pioneer Charlie Kaman did what few have ever succeeded in doing – he revolutionized the acoustic guitar. Ovation guitars arrived on the scene with their round backs and new ideas. Professional musicians hailed the guitar’s performance and purists shook their heads. With the talent and input of such artists as Glen Campbell Ovation and Mr Kaman went on to as much as invent the Acoustic Electric Guitar. From the first day forward the Ovation Guitar Company has been on the cutting edge of Guitar development. They have progressed not just in better woodworking as most companies do, but in better technology in other materials to save the forests and high tech acoustic electric technology also. The home of the company in New Hartford Connecticut is, at the same time, an interesting historic show place and a scientific research laboratory while producing some of the finest instruments known to man. Ovation is by far our most consistent selling line of guitars worldwide.
About the Tonewoods In This Guitar
A spruce top guitar is unlike any other. Spruce top guitars retain the great clarity, balance and separation of sound from string to string that people look for in spruce, but add a whole new dimension of rich, warm low end response. Spruce is the most popular guitar top in the world and is a North American Hardwood.

OP 30 Electronics
Used but nearly perfect
Gorgeous All SOLID Wood Gloss Top
Mid Depth Lyrachord Ovation Body
Rosewood Fingerboard
Dot/Diamond Fret Inlay
Gorgeous Gloss Top Finish
Gold Machine Tuners with Gold Buttons
This is NOT a CHINESE made guitar
Ovation 30 Electronics
Onboard Electronic Tuner

Condition: New
Interior Color: black

Our Price: $425