Ovation CS24P – FKOA

Many of us learned to play on a guitar much like this one.  I have not had an Ovation acoustic electric since “poverty” forced the sale of my last one in grad school.  I had forgotten how easy these are to play and how good they sound both acoustically and plugged in.

Strikingly beautiful, the KOA wood used for the top of this guitar rivals any in production.  Fiery detail and sweet unmatched undertones that are unmistakably of the islands.  Slow down and enjoy some “island time” as you play all your favorite songs from a day gone by.

At Ethyl’s Garage, we will take you back!

6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Figured Koa Top, Lyrachord Back and Sides, Bound Rosewood Fingerboard, and OP-4BT Preamp with Built-in Tuner – Natural

The Ovation Celebrity Standard Plus CS24P combines Ovation’s innovative Lyrachord body with a stunning figured koa top, for sweet tone with gorgeous looks to match. The Lyrachord body is a durable, lightweight alternative to wood backs and has a smooth interior surface, specifically designed to enhance the reflections inside your instrument. The Mid-Depth Cutaway body style strikes a balance between Ovation’s thinnest and thickest body styles, giving you impressive projection while being comfortable to wear and play. Topped with real figured koa for rich tone, and with the onboard OP-4BT electronics for great plugged-in performance, the Ovation Celebrity Standard Plus CS24P is ready to rock!
The history of Ovation
In 1964 Charlie Kaman set out to revolutionize the acoustic guitar by compiling a group of aerospace engineers to create something guitar players had never seen or heard before. They discovered that the flat backs of modern day acoustics actually hindered the balance and projection of the guitar. And so, the roundback designs found on Ovation guitars were born. As Charlie himself put it, “in helicopters, the engineers spend all their time trying to figure out how to remove vibration. To build a guitar, you spend your time trying to figure out how to put vibration in.”
Mid-depth body balances sonic projection and playing comfort
Ovation guitars possess one of the more intriguing acoustic-electric guitar designs you’ll find.
This Celebrity Standard Plus CS24 sports Ovation’s mid-depth body style which helps enhance projection and tonal richness while being extremely comfortable to play, even for smaller players.
Onboard OP-4BT preamp
Ovation wrote the book on live acoustic guitar. They were the first company to introduce pickups and preamplifiers in the acoustic guitar, essentially inventing a new instrument. The Ovation Celebrity Standard Plus CS24 is equipped with an OP-4BT preamp that has +/- 12dB control over the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. In addition, the onboard tuner makes it easy to stay in tune. The OP-4BT gives you the tonal control you need onstage.
Ovation Celebrity Standard Plus CS24 Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
Acoustic-electric guitar with innovative Lyrachord body
Gorgeous figured koa top for rich tone
Mid-depth bowl body with cutaway enhances projection while still being comfortable to play
Onboard OP-4BT electronics with built-in tuner so you always sound your best
Bound rosewood fretboard plays fast and smooth
3-band EQ helps you fine-tune your sound for any stage setting

Condition: Used
Exterior Color: silver

MSRP.: $475
Our Price: $335