You Have Many Choices, Why Trust Us?

  1. Ethyl’s Garage is a state of Florida licensed and bonded classic car auto dealer with a prominent physical downtown Kissimmee, FL address.  We are a real business with real classic cars & vintage guitars and real customers from all over the world that really buy our products.
  2. Ethyl’s Garage is as much a destination as anything; think of Ethyl’s Garage as another “third space” where you spend your time when you are not home or at work.  Thus, Ethyl’s Garage see’s heavy Orlando theme park and bustling downtown foot traffic daily.  Ethyl’s Garage is a short drive from Disney, MCO airport and from the Osceola Heritage park, home of the largest annual Mecum auction.
  3. Ethyl’s Garage has a strong and growing social media presence across multiple platforms and in both classic cars and vintage guitars.  Make sure you join the fun on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo, to just name a few.
  4. The Ethyl’s Garage leadership team has a proven track record in building customer focussed businesses across a variety of industries including classic car restorations and sales.
  5. Ethyl’s Garage has deep auto auction connections that go beyond just our close proximity to one of the largest annual collector car auctions in the nation.  We have been there since the beginnings of the first Mecum auctions, back when it was a handful of enthusiasts swapping cars, parts and some pretty tall car stories.
  6. At Ethyl’s Garage, we have distinguished ourselves as competent and caring classic car restoration specialists with over twenty years experience caring for these amazing machines.  Currently Ethyl’s Garage manages all restorations for the fleet of vintage Amphicars serving patrons at Disney Springs.
  7. Ethyl’s Garage has spent decades developing national and international partnerships and relationships with sellers, buyers, vintage guitar luthiers and classic car restoration specialists.  We have a network to put to work for you and your investment.
  8. Ethyl’s Garage will ensure that your car ships safely to your desired destination easily, at a fair price and with the peace of mind necessary for you to hand over the keys with confidence.
  9. Ethyl’s Garage has the access to classic car financing that will bring even most out of reach seeming purchase into the palm of your hand and with cash flow remaining to cruise on down the road.
  10. Ethyl’s Garage understands business markets and more specifically sales trends.  We have built our success on the systematic evaluation of inputs to ensure each investor has the highest likelihood for high returns on each dollar spent.  Like your broker analyzes the financial markets, we spend each day applying an understanding not only of where the collector car and vintage guitar markets are now, but also where they are most likely to be next year, in five years or when you are ready to retire.

We understand buyers and sellers and we keep a close eye on the market for the benefit of our customers.

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