1. The buyer explicitly waives its own standard terms and conditions, even if these were drawn up after these standard terms and conditions of sale. In order to be valid, any derogation must be expressly agreed to in advance in writing.
  2. Payment is due at time of purchase. Payment for direct (non-eBay) orders may be made by PayPal, check, or money order. Payment must be received before merchandise is shipped.
  3. Returns: Domestic returns from within the United States are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Buyer agrees to pay return shipping costs. International returns are not accepted.
  4. Shipping: Buyer pays shipping costs. International shipping may not be available to some restricted locations.
  5. Certain countries apply withholding at source on the amount of invoices, in accordance with their internal legislation. Any withholding at source will be paid by the client to the tax authorities. Under no circumstances can Ethyl’s Garage LLC become involved in costs related to a country’s legislation. The amount of the invoice will therefore be due to Ethyl’s Garage LLC in its entirety and does not include any costs relating to the legislation of the country in which the buyer is located. Buyer is responsible for any additional taxes or duties that may be due.
  6. Ethyl’s Garage LLC undertakes to do its best to accurately represent the products we sell. We carefully package items and do our best to ensure they will arrive in good condition. Ethyl’s Garage LLC is not responsible for damage and loss caused by the shipper. We will try to help buyers resolve shipping issues when we can.
  7. In order for it to be admissible, Ethyl’s Garage LLC must be notified of any claim by means of a letter sent by recorded delivery to its registered office within 8 days of the delivery of the goods or the provision of the services.
  8. All our contractual relations will be governed exclusively by United States and Washington State law.