Classic Car Sales

What was your first car?  What car do you wish never got away?  What car have you always dreamed to own?  Now that you have achieved success, its time to remind yourself how strong your passion for that collector car really is.  Our inventory is constantly changing.  Ethyl's Garage, we'll take you back!

Vintage Guitars

Take a look at our ever changing inventory of guitars from Martin, Gibson, Fender among others.  Stop by to play one of your favorites and to buy, sell or trade.  We love guitars and we love to get you into the one you have always pined for.  Ethyl's Garage, we'll take you back!

Classic Car Consign

Selling your collector car yourself can be a real drag.  Avoid the tire kickers, tap into our international network of buyers and apply our classic car financing to capture a deeper group of buyers to get your prized investment or collectable sold for top dollar.    Ethyl's Garage, we'll take you back!

Tony LaPlant Amphicars

You can take a ride in a Tony LaPlant Amphicar during your trip to the largest worldwide magic theme park attraction in the world, simply google Orlando and Amphicars to learn how.  If you are looking for a more permanent experience or are looking to bring home one of Orlando and Kissimmee's top attractions there is only one place to get your Amphicar built to the same standards used by the worldwide leader in entertainment.  This standard is known locally as the "Tony LaPlant standard" and just up the road, "cast members" refer to our custom Amphicars as a "good show".

Tony LaPlant Amphicars are available exclusively through Ethyl's Garage.  Buy one or restore yours today!

Ethyl's Garage we'll take you back!

Rent a Roadster

Why rent an ordinary car when you travel?  Instead, when coming to the sunshine of central Florida, rent a roadster from Ethyl's Garage and drop the top.  Be sure to pack your sunscreen and your movie star sunglasses and be prepared for the attention your get rolling into town. Ethyl's Garage, we'll take you back!



Next Steps...

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